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Configuring Windows to use MicroSD as Primary Storage

Windows uses 20gb, then you take the 10GB used for file system pointers, install chrome, firefox, eclipse, and visual studio and the space is basically gone. But wait there is an microsd slot! However, Windows can’t move my libraries to the sd card, then I noticed that some programs won’t install to an sd card, and the deal breaker, Dropbox won’t sync to an sd card. The solution is to create a Virtual hard disk, VHD, and store that on the microsd card and point everything to the VHD.

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It’s time to start applying for a software development job. Let’s find all the old projects, put some comments on them and host them. Let’s dig into our old class books and notes reading all about binary search, bubble sort, trees, arrays, etc. You are sitting in front of a whiteboard ready to be quizzed. The first question asked, “FizzBuzz!”!

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A Software Developer’s Role in a Company

A software developer position has come a long way. We no longer just sit at a desk and type up logic that has been handed to us. A software developer’s role in a company now influences the entire company.

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Hello World!

Hello Everyone! This is my first self hosted blog post. I’ve posted to several other forms and communities for years but finally decided that it was time to build out my own wordpress. So far this has been an interesting experience. Overall wordpress has been very easy to setup. If you were ever thinking about creating one, go for it. Most things have been pretty easy to understand after a few minutes of Google searches and trial and error. I have to admit that I am not a huge fan of the wordpress editor, especially when dealing with images.

Keep posted as my plan is to add a new blog post a day. This will mostly be a tech blog covering small projects that I create and share with the rest of the world. Stay tuned and thanks for reading.