Like most things in life, it is an uphill struggle to get to where we are now. As accomplishments are met they will be listed here.

Added Some Projects to GitHub


I was digging around some old archives and found some class projects that I worked on. To help keep them from becoming lost once again, I uploaded them to GitHub.

Class Projects:
Personal Projects:
  • Compcache (Uses zram to create compressed memory swap space for android devices that have small amounts of ram based on # of cores)
Privakey Integrations:
  • pyoidc-privakey (Example on how to use Python’s OIC library to connect to the Privakey IDP)

X Factor Labs is now live!


I am proud to announce that X Factor Labs is now a reality. This is my first wordpress site and will be dedicated to showcasing my projects and community collaboration. Stick around to see how I share my time, knowledge, and experiences with you all.