My community repo of school projects, personal projects, team projects, and anything code related that I have gotten into.
My contributions to the developer community.
My contributions specific to mobile devices, mostly Android in general.

About Me

First comes an Idea, then comes greatness!

The best thing about being a developer is that the world is full of endless possibilities. Everywhere you look there is something that can be created, improved, automated. As developers it’s our job to spot each of these things, then use the ever changing technology platform to build the solution. My goal is to share my developer knowledge to inspire someone else to follow down the same path.

Key Projects

Below are some key company’s and or projects that I contributed to.

The Meet Group

Applications maintained, MeetMe, Tagged, and Skout. I also maintain and create features for the Video SDK product. Outside of that, I am the lead Android integration partner, I write and update our public facing Android documentation and assist partners in the integration process.


While I worked for Privakey I was a more full stack developer. I deployed our server components to AWS, maintained the databases, wrote a front end partner portal, and developed an advance multi factor authentication platform for Android.

Smart Things

Recently outside of Android development and general day to day employment related things. I have started to dabble in IOT with SmartThings. Currently latest projects have been around ecobee and home hvac improvements.